Originally from Romania, my interest for bariatric surgery goes back to my last year of university (2006), when I spent a month in Strasbourg to attend my first course in bariatric course. After a short stay in the US (2008), where I passed all my exams (ECFMG certificate), I decided for family reasons to come back in France. I expanded my experience in bariatrics under the mentorship of Professor David Nocca (2010 - 2012) and Doctor Patrick Noel (2013). They gave me the opportunity to perform my first bariatric procedures as a resident, and they also encouraged my scientific work, with Professor Michel Gagner (world premiere of the sleeve). In 2020, I have more than 80 articles published on bariatric surgery with more than half related to the sleeve gastrectomy. Consequently, I became a reviewer for SOARD (see certificate) – the official journal of American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and in June 2016, I received the “Certificate of exceptional contribution” (see photo).

In 2013, I became “Chef de Clinique” at the University of Strasbourg and since 2017, I have moved in private practice in the South of France to the “Centre Chirurgical de l’Obesite” in Toulon. Since 2019, with the help of ELSAN, I start also to work in Marseille, at the Bouchard Clinic, with my good friend Dr. Thierry Manos.

The PATIENT must be always in the center of our activity and he must be actively involved in his project to lose weight, including the choice of the procedure: Sleeve, bypass, ring or new surgical or endoscopic techniques.